25 April 2006


Robots aren't so much my thing, but I really wanted to submit something this week. So I doodled this little guy when I was up late last night and wishing I had someone to keep me caffeinated. If anyone knows where I can get an interactive coffeemaker to follow me around, let me know!

22 April 2006


The Illustration Friday theme of "spotted" really had me stumped, until after the new topic came out, of course. So it wasn't posted with the other spotted-s, but feel free to comment on it now if you'd like!


This was my first posting for Illustration Friday. As I've recreated my blog since then, I wanted to re-post the picture and say thanks to those of you who commented when it was first up. I appreciate the feedback!

In explanation, my response to the topic "spring" was less along the lines of flowers and bunnies or slinky-like images, and more the thought of that first day when you can open your window and air all the wintery greyness out of your home or studio or whatever space you inhabit. That is the moment I know it's finally Spring.