28 March 2007

IF - I Spy

Every morning my daughter and I check the branches of the apple tree in front of our house for the first leaves of spring. Despite the warm weather, we haven't seen anything but buds so far, but we keep looking.

16 March 2007

IMT - Feminine Art

Life, soft pastels on paper, 6x9

This week's Inspire Me Thursday theme is Women's History Month, so they asked us to be inspired by the feminine in art, either female artists or art with a feminine spirit.

This is an image I've had floating in my head for a few months now, waiting for a good reason to be committed to paper. So, thanks IMT!

This didn't scan as well as I'd like, and my digital camera doesn't do it justice at all. I'll try to scan it again later and see if I can brighten it up some more.

14 March 2007

IF - Wired


No. 2 pencil on laser jet printer paper.

The things you can accomplish while at work.


Now, if I had the pictured items, I might actually have the motivation to get something work-related done at work....


09 March 2007

A dream come true...

Every once in a while, when the mood strikes me, I check my horoscope at www.freewillastrology.com because Rob Breszny has a wonderful way of making the mundane profound, and of making a horoscope seem completely not ridiculous. This week (beginning March 8) my Piscean prediction reads:

Molecular scientist Robert Bohannon knows a way to cram even more obscene gratification into a doughnut. He has discovered the secret to infusing pastries with a non-bitter version of caffeine. If his innovation is adopted by bakers, a doughnut would not only be able to have its usual sugary kick, but could also deliver the punch of two cups of coffee. Judging from the current astrological omens, Pisces, I'd say you'll soon be able to find a healthy metaphorical equivalent to this pathological marvel for your own use. In other words, you'll intensify your enjoyment of an already fine pleasure.

I fully intend to use this as my inspiration for this week's Illustration Friday theme, "Wired." Personally, I have no interest in a caffeinated doughnut. I enjoy coffee too much, and frankly a cup of coffee with a double whammy of doughnut caffeine sounds dangerous. But this just goes
to show that nothing is impossible....

01 March 2007

IF - Communication

"So Much to Say"

Work in Progress, 2007

It won't be done by the time the new topic is posted tomorrow morning, but at least I'm posting something!

And the lion shall lie down with the lamb...

Can you imagine anything sweeter than two children, both rejected by their mothers, finding love and comfort from the most unlikely of friends?