24 April 2007

My new favorite blog

Buddhist Monk Garden
by Natalie Roberts

If you don’t regularly go to this blog, you should. I love the stuff that gets posted here, both art and musings. The two people who run this site have some winderful insights, plus they tend to find and post some really cool stuff (i.e. Mute Math). The point being that I really liked the entry this week about what art really is, what it holds, what it brings. And I especially like the idea that art doesn't have to be an earth-shattering revelation to the whole world to mean something to any one person.

I have a little painting that I got at some big box store probably a decade ago. It's about 4" x 3" and of an orange slice and a little floating trail of orange blossoms on a blue background. It doesn't reveal any great depth of human understanding to me, but it makes me feel both peacful and energetic every time I look at it. That's what I want to do - create peace and energy and thoughtfulness, both for myself and for whoever sees what I make.

Maybe someday I'll manage it.

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